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Spa Covers
One of your spa's most important parts is the cover. It keeps dirt out and heat in and provides protection from unwanted entry. The enemy of a cover's longevity is water absorbtion. The cover is a foam filled envelope of vinyl. If the integrity of the cover is compromised by cracks rips or tears, the foam absorbs water like a sponge, the cover becomes incredibly heavy and collapses under its own weight. Therefore we advise you to take very good care of your spa cover. A properly cared for cover should last 5-10 years.

The company that makes our replacement covers backs them up with a 5 year warranty against water absorbtion.

Covers are available in different thicknesses for indoor and outdoor applications, a range of colors and extra options for more heat retention. There is even a safety cover that will support the weight of an adult, these are recommended for inground spas where pets and children may try to walk across.

Each custom cover order takes 2-4 weeks to arrive and is delivered by common carrier, freight collect. They must be paid for in advance.

If you have the make and model number of your spa plus the year of manufacture, that is often enough to place an order. However, since each one is custom made it is advisable to request measuring instructions and take careful measurments. Ask for a sheet when contacting us.

Please have as much information as possible when contacting us about replacement covers.
Spa Covers
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