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Whirlpool Bath Service
Classic Baths is a factory authorized service agent for most major whirlpool bath manufactures including Amercian Standard, Jacuzzi Whirlpoolbath, Kohler Company and Maax. 

25 years ago we never would have imagined that bath tubs would have software but that time is here and modern whirlpool baths often have multiple motors and plumbing systems, printed circuit boards, touch pads and sensors. A failure in any part can keep the bath from being operational so it's imperative to be able to correctly identify the defective component to avoid needless replacement. To this end the more information you as the owner can supply regarding symptoms, the more accurate a diagnosis we can do. This includes what was happening when the unit failed, were there any power surges or outages, lightning storms, etc. Is it a constant or intermittent problem?

A whirlpool bath is a reservoir for the water that is moved by the pumps. This reservoir usually has anywhere from 8 to 25 or more holes drilled in it to attach to the jets and suction fittings. A whirlpool that was initially properly installed should proved many years of trouble free service but eventually it may leak.

The biggest problem faced when attempting to repair electrical components or leaking plumbing is access. Pretty much anything can be repaired, if we can access it. All tubs are required by the manufacturer to have sufficient access in the form of a removeable panel to test and replace electrical components. If that access was not made at the time of installation it may have to be made to effect a repair.

If plumbing leaks occur in an area that is not accessible from the panel an adjacent wall may need to be opened. Classic Baths can provide openings if need be but does not repair the opening when the job is done. You may want to consult with a carpenter or tile installer about having access made.

Please have as much information as possible when contacting us about possible repair of these units, the more info the better. Please see the main Services page for a complete list.
Whirlpool Bath Service
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