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Classic Baths Repair Service
serving Westchester, NY and Fairfield, CT since 1988

Almost all repair and service must be done on site, involving making an appointment and traveling to the jobsite. Although we do the best we can to accommodate our customers please have a realistic expectation when making an appointment. Generally speaking a three hour window is needed for an appointment so please plan accordingly.

If you desire you may bring or send pieces of equipment direct to us for testing and repair, avoiding any travel charges.

When calling or emailing for an appointment please be sure to have the following information handy.


  1. the name of the manufacturer
  2. the model number of your specific unit
  3. the serial number of your unit
  4. when it was purchased
  5. the color or finish of the unit
  6. a description of the problem
The more information you can provide the sooner parts can be obtained and  your repair started.




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